Communication coach

Communication is a big factor in one’s life. It can make or break a person and their relationship to others whether it is a personal relationship or professional.

Communication is not just about the ability to speak. A good communication means both parties are able to understand and comprehend what the topic is all about and be satisfied with the outcome of the conversation.

There are many reasons why communication fails and results in broken bridges. First, communication requires confidence to speak. Even if you are willing to listen, you should also speak your mind. But if you are too shy to deliver your words, this will still be misinterpreted by the other party resulting in disappointment from them or worse, anger. Another hindrance to good communication is the language barrier. Not all of us are familiar with the English language, especially local languages of different countries. This is the worst thing that we might experience in terms of bad communication. If you cannot understand what the other person is saying, there is no communication at all, and vice versa. There are jargons in certain places that you should research first prior to engagement to their locals. This will help in avoiding poor communication.

Another reason is the misinterpretation of the message. If you are not exposed to different people, you might assume that people are harsh in nature if you find their voices deep or big. If you are also an emotional person, you might really get hurt and even cause trauma if you hear people speaking loudly that really sounded harsh. You need to understand that people differ and you will encounter people with big and deep voices but they are actually soft people. This is also the other way around. If you hear soft-spoken people, you might assume that they are weak but they are not.

The world is so complicated and filled with complex people. If you want to be able to communicate with the people around you, you need to learn the basic skills of good communication and understand what communication is and its importance. A lot of relationships are destroyed due to poor communication.

For you to be able to understand the situation, you need to communicate by practicing your communication skills. You will know when is the time to empathize or sympathize. You will know when to laugh, cry, or be able to portray the emotion that suits the situation. Communication is not just limited on words but also your gesture and your facial reactions.

If you think you are not ready to communicate, you need to do something about it. You need to start to communicate within yourself because that is where good communication starts. Before you speak, think first. Before you speak, understand what the message of the other person wants to deliver. If you think you are not ready, find a communication coach. Be confident enough to speak and put your thoughts into words and actions. Be a good communicator and build relationships that will help you improve as a person.

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