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Here you will find the latest games with spaceships, helicopters, planes and more. Our site is weekly updated with games that you can play every day for free. We aim to bring more color and fun in the life of every kid who looking for an exciting game. On www.airplane-games.info you can find a variety of games with only with airplanes. All you have to do is to persevere and you'll be the best pilot of this world.

hostile skies
Hostile Skies - Learn how to fly and manipulate the plane. Engaging in various missions. The mission is to take the passengers.
f16 steel fighter
F16 Steel Fighter - It's a game that mimics flight simulator. The games is quite simple, you need to fly quickly and destroy enemy aeroplanes.
candy copter
Candy Copter - Is a funny little helicopter game, with cute cartoon style graphics. Grab candies for points, while avoiding the walls!
Dogfight - Try this plane game with German aircrafts. Engage your enemies in this exciting arial battle. Control your airplane with the up and down arrow keys.
dogfight 2
Dogfight 2 - Story continues with a new version of the game, the great war. Perform aerial maneuvers and try to shoot down more air soldiers..
biplane bomber 2
Biplane Bomber 2 - Fly through 10 challenging levels fighting enemy biplanes. Fly and shoot enemy planes and bomb enemy buildings before they attack you!
flight of the museum
Flight OF Museum - Handle your plane in the museum and collect as many points. Try to stay away from obstacles and pilot your aircraft.
air force
Air Force - You are in the middle of a war. Try all guns and weapons and destroy every plane. Air Force is a new game with terrific graphics and sounds.
air show
Air Show - Performs the most beautiful air acrobatics. This game is exciting and full of obstacles. Try to pass safely through all the circles with your arrow keys..
stunt pilot trainer
Stunt Pilot Trainer - Use arrow up and down to control the game. Your goal in this flying game is to prove your pilot skills and fly through the rings.
stunt pilot
Stunt Pilot - You have to pilot a small plane through a series of hoops and obstacles in order to reach the end of each level. Fly through multiple rings.
naval fighter
Naval Fighter - A top down shooter game where you will battle against enemies in the air and a naval force. Is a well made flying game. Bee good!
air adventure
Air Adventure - Avoid birds and cats, but collect the batteries or you'll run out of battery of your air machine. Successfully fly all 3 levels and win!
Aeroplane - Play this squirrel family aviation game. Move the flying squirrel around in order to collect points. This time they've taken to the skies.
flying steel
Flying Steel - The objective of the game is to kill as many enemies as you can without being destroyed. Try to dodge enemy bullets.

Considered - thousands of years - an unattainable dream, the flight takes passionate people and made them the oddest invent machines that try to get up in the air. But only a century ago, the Wright brothers achieved, in America, the first flight with a heavier than air. Their airplane flew a few meters. From then until today, have come to do airplanes fly between continents, with a speed that exceeds that of sound. These performances are the result of great inventors, who most often piloted his own aircraft, risking his life.

The dream of flying began with the legend of Icarus, who is said that he made two wings of wax and feathers stuck up in the air, approaching the sun. But because of the heat, the wax melted and Icarus plunged.

In the Renaissance, the famous Leonardo da Vinci thought, among other fantastic machines, to a device with which man can fly. Carefully studied the flight of birds, he designed a machine called orthoptera. Its wings would have to be moved while the hands and feet of a man, something which is impossible. Leonardo's plans then fell into oblivion for a long time. Solve nice levels with cube runner.

Later, in the eighteenth century, Italian priest Francesco da Lana, imagines itself a flying boat, which ought to be able to lift into the air by four metal balls, purged of air. This fantastic project remained unrealized. However, towards the end of the eighteenth century, the man managed to climb to the sky filled with hot air balloon. In the next century the first gliders are built by Otto Lilienthal, who was killed in one such attempt to conquer the air. But glider was the first step towards building a heavier than air to move under its own power. It will be the airplane or aeroplane. read more...

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