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About Airplane History
In 1897, Frenchman Clement Ader was able to get up in the air with a device built by himself that resembled a large weird bird. Engine - particularly poor - to operate a propeller, which makes the airplane to budge from the ground. Some believe that this was the first airplane ever to fly. In fact, "flying" or was a jump of several meters. Perhaps the first truly successful flight was made by the brothers Wilbur and Orville Wright machine a few years later, in 1903. These Americans were able to raise the airplane for 12 seconds at Kitty Hawk flight took place in Carolina North (USA).

Airplane History

Thereafter begin to be built and other airplanes, in America and Europe. But then, they only rose into the air. Those who watched their "flight" were forced to sleep on the grass, to see if their wheels were lifted off the ground or not. With time, however, airplanes were perfected, managed to fly higher and higher and faster.

Like any new invention, the plane was received at first with disbelief. For a long time it was considered a great audacity to be a pilot, and the truth is that with such a device flight was very risky fragile. The first airplanes were built more than wood, wire and cloth, and their wheels were like those by the bicycle spokes. Builders watching them be as mild as to be able to pick up in the air.

But progress took place faster in terms of aircraft that had just birth. In 1908, Henri Farman manages to fly over a distance of one kilometer, and a year later, another Frenchman, Louis Blériot, crosses the English Channel flight. In 1910, the first aircraft in the air rises to over 1000 meters altitude is that of Geo Chavez in flight crossing the Alps, but collapses on landing. In 1911 takes place the first night flight, and a year later parachute jumps for the first time from plane.

In general, a plane consists of an elongated body, called the fuselage, which is part of its core business. Inside its face, is found pilot place. At first, his cabin was closed, so that the pilot had to wear a leather helmet and goggles, which he defended by strong current. To stay in the air, the plane has two large wings, the one either side of the fuselage. When this double plane is called biplane. Propeller, which makes the device forward in air, is in front, and is driven by a motor. Over time, the engines were improved, increasing the speed of the plane. Seaplane is a plane that floats on water. It takes off from the water surface to rise into the air. Instead of wheels, it has floats that are filled with air and thus not sink. Seaplanes first appeared in 1910.

During World War I, countries in conflict realized that the plane can be used as a very effective weapon, first for reconnaissance, then for hunting (tracking and destruction of other aircraft in flight) and bombardment. From reconnaissance planes observed above is not only the enemy positions, but it did and aerial photography. Bomber planes could throw bombs from the air up to 1000 pounds!

After World War I, aviation increased their performance. Aircraft began to travel long distances to carry letters and parcels, which facilitated communication. Were established who were scheduled airlines and passenger planes appeared. In 1927, Charles Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic for the first time, thus linking, air, Europe, North America. In 1931, Pacific is crossed without stop, from Japan to the United States (in Seattle). Aviation is a sports and aviation rallies can see very spectacular acrobatics.

With WWII planes start having crazy speeds and become destructive. The Germans used the first jet towards the end of the war. It reached a speed close to double that of a normal flight. Jet propeller no longer uses, but is driven by the engine or like a rocket. Nowadays, the planes of this type have become commonplace, especially for military aviation. Airlines passengers use devices that can carry hundreds of people on board, connecting each other the most remote places on the planet.

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