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Airport Mania - Prepare your luggage on a long plane trip with the famous smile on the face. The game must carry passengers, to fill the flying plane with fuel.
alios army
Alios Army - Infiltrate enemy flying in air space and take them down one by one. Take to the skies and fight for glory in this smashing WW2 game.
airplane competition
Airplane Competition - Take to the skies in acrobatic aircraft and take part in an flying airplane show competition to sky the crowds below. Have fun!
army copter
Army Copter - Fly a mission to neutralize enemy army units including tanks, helicopters, missile launchers and bombs.
Birdy - Stay alive for as long as possible and be careful of taking refuge on the ground as there is another predator lurking about.
blitz world tour
Blitz World Tour - This is a game where you have to drop bombs from your plane. Destroy the skyscrapers and monuments.
  bump copter
Bump Copter - Guide the helicopter across the rocks, mountains, terrain, volcanoes and you come across through levels.
candy copter
Candy Copter - Is a funny little helicopter game, with cute cartoon style graphics. Grab candies for points, while avoiding the walls!
  choppa poppa
Choppa Poppa - Your goal in this fun online game is to pop all the balloons with your helicopter. Fly in your little helicopter.
Copter - Guide your helecopter through the obstacles. Play helicopter game below. Keep track of your helicoptergame top scores.
  desert battle
Desert Battle - Kill the enemy plane and gun emplacements by firing missles and rockets at them. You're the pilot of helicopter.
fire storm
Fire Storm - A good flash airplane game ready to capture your attention. Fly careful and destroy all the enemies.
  flight sim
Flight Sim X - Try to throw the paper plane as far as you can. He must travel from the office and difficult to reach the window.
fly the copter extreme
Fly The Copter Extreme - Fly the copter through narrow openings in clouds, then land the copter and play other harder levels.
  heli assault
Heli Assault - Shoot down enemy helicopters and dodge buildings as you keep flying the helicopter. Have fun!
heli attack 3
Heli Attack 3 - Your mission is to survive! Dodge the enemy fire and destroy all helis with your weapons. Play this flying game.
Heli Combat - Stay alive as you drop bombs, launch missiles, and shoot machine guns at the enemies that appear.
heli force
Heli Force - Take your helicopter into the danger zone, shoot down all the enemy aircraft and tanks and dodge their missiles!
  invention copter
Invention Copter - Fly your helicopter and pickup items in this physics world as you make it passed obstacles.
missing in action
Missing In Action - Collecting as many soldiers as you can with your rescue zeppelin. In this game you have to pilot a blimp.
  monsters attack
Giant Monsters Attack - The monsters are coming, defend the city in this awesome shooter. Shoot the monsters!!
park my plane
Park My Plane - Take control of the landing airplanes at the airport. Park the plane at the correct spot based on the matching country flag.
  power copter
Power Copter - Make your way through the copter course getting balloons on the way and fighting off enemies.
Sea Assault - Shoot the helicopters while you bomb the sharks in this action game. Save your ship by shooting helicopters.
  Shadow kar
Shadow Kar - Those choppers want to take you down. Get points by staying in the air the longest time possible.
Sim Air Traffic - Become the air traffic controller for this airport and look after the landing and departing planes.
  swine flu
Swine Flu - Herds of swine flu infected swine are heading towards the city, your job is to keep them out of the city.
the birdinator
The Birdinator - In this action game it is your goal to fly south as fast as possible. Kill all owls and other animals that are in the way.
  zippy airport
Zippy Airport - Manage the aiport and make sure the airplanes unload the passengers, refueled and have the service.
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